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Convert AVI video files to MPEG

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1 Convert AVI video files to MPEG on Mon May 11, 2015 11:05 pm

There are many common video formats, if you understand a little bit of video knowledge; they should not be on such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, RM and other common video formats unfamiliar. Also, different formats file corresponds to a different player: MOV format file using QuickTime Player, RM format file, of course, to play with RealPlayer. But if your computer is equipped with only RealPlayer, but you get it is a MOV format file, and RealPlayer player does not support playback MOV format. Watch their video does not play, you can only go to look for a solution. The best way is to find a "bridge" between the two video formats in order to achieve mutual conversion, and other video format conversion is completed, you can enjoy wonderful videos.

AVI and MPEG video format is very common, so a lot of format conversion software, has bbMPEG1, Honestech, MPEGEncoder, TMPGEncbeta12a like. But almost all of software only supports several formats conversion, which means that, if we get other video formats, we must additionally download other video conversion software, so it is too much trouble.

Well here to tell us can support different format video conversion software, My Video converter provided by AllPepole. It can help you convert AVI video files to MPEG video files, the use of a special coding algorithm, making the work of converting files more quickly, complete and accurate. Although encode special, but you need not worry about the steps are too complicated, because the software has a simple interface, just select the AVI video file you want to convert, then set the archive name and path to save the converted file, which can begin to convert files .

My video converter is currently the highest praise of video format conversion software. Because it supports converting different file formats, such as conversion between AVI, MPEG, MOV, RM, and output multiple formats. At the same time, also supports video files directly into the mobile device supports different file. If you do not know your mobile device supports video format does not matter, you just select the left side of the interface with your equipment corresponding icon, click "Convert All" to achieve the converted file.

You can go to Appstore to know more about My Video converter:

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