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How can we make our own GIF simply?

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1 How can we make our own GIF simply? on Tue May 19, 2015 11:58 pm

Now a lot of friends would like to chat online daily, especially in the chat process, we often see a variety of very funny animated GIF. Chat a funny GIF pictures always attracts the public's attention in particular. A good animated gif image can lead to the rapid spread of the Internet. If we can own made some animated GIF image so much the better, but making animated gif image is also possible for many of friends are too difficult, there is no simple point to video production as a method animated gif image of it?

The first is to open and use AllPepole video cutter play a video file, you can record your own videos, also you can play your favorite films and television shows when you want to play on the theme of the video screen, click on the pause, select start time and end time, click on the video to gif button, the picture will automatically be cut to the main panel.

After intercepting time click on the preview, you can see the effect of animation, if the interception of the screen cannot reach your requirements, you can use the fine-tuning, fine adjustment GIF animation start and end points, where the two arrow buttons are used to adjust the play time start and end points can be accurate to frame.

Cut out multiple GIF picture, video to gif nearing completion, click the "Save" button, select the file output path on the line! After saving OK, screen will prompt GIF cut, the effect preview. A series of fantastic motion pictures are cut so good. Interested friends, you can also try making it.

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