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AllPepole video merger achieve your merger

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1 AllPepole video merger achieve your merger on Sun May 24, 2015 8:53 pm

People often have a habit that writing or reading an article, a story, a film shows should be from beginning to end without stopping, if halfway to wait time, it is often very irritable, but movies, TV shows often happens like intermediate stop, every high tide will be interrupted, This often affects people's mood. So the Video Merger is much-needed.

In order to respond this demand, and meet the strong market echoes, one software called AllPepole Video Merger can achieve more quickly to merge video clips (the official website to download , it not only can merge video , audio and pictures, but also can quickly carry out an effective multi-video connection, will be a combination of multi-stage video to achieve happy to see the video, happy memories of the experience.

First, open AllPepole Video Merger, choose the Add button, then add need to merge videos. On adding videos embodies the humanity, for example you can add one by one, you can also add bulk, you also can drag directly from the computer's resource manager to the software, finally you can also put all the video you want to merge in a folder, and then directly add a folder totally.

Second, edit video, add text descriptions. If you feel the need to focus on the process of looking to see or compare particular video, you can mark well in advance; of course you can ignore, directly to the third step.

Third, select the output path, click the merge button, you can merge multiple video of the action. As the video capacity is relatively large, so it may takes a bit long time, it would need to have enough patience, compared to see the wonderful video, which we still prefer to have a little patience. After the merger is completed, it will pop up a dialog box that prompts you that merging has been completed, you can click on the preview, and you can cancel the preview.

Download at Mac APP store:

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