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Total simple Video Converter free download

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1 Total simple Video Converter free download on Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:46 pm

With the development of various mobile devices and more and more high-tech products, of course, video converteris numberless as the sand, but what can be done to conversion of video format most quickly? We first give a simple explanation to the video conversion technology principle, video format conversion is re encoded video file format, regardless of the original file format to roll out of the format of the encoding rules, bitrate, and resolution size determines the size of transferred files, so as to determine the speed of conversion speed. Some say popular transfer format screen bigger, higher resolution time. If you want to turn out high quality and good picture, the file and the video that will use some advanced coding rules. For example, H.264 coding is the most advanced video encoder, you can do the same file size of the video has a high quality and color. Of course, the video conversion theory of H.264 encoding is more than the consumption of CPU resources that conversion is relatively slows some. Here we introduce a well-known professional video conversion tool "AllPepole video converter". This software has the H264 poly nuclear transition acceleration can let us output HD video, so as to obtain the best quality but also more rapid output.

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It has a fool type operation, the installation is complete, open the software, and you can see its simple operation instructions:
1´╝ÄClick the "add" button to enter the audio or video file to the list of the converted video files;
2. Select the file in the output format, and check box to select the format to output;
3. Click the start converter button to start converting format.

A lot of people know this software using operation is fool; today introduced to everyone this video format converter powerful editing functions. After added audio or video files, click the "option" button, can see a list of functions, let you free to set the video parameters, including the video bit rate, frame rate and resolution, audio bit rate, channel, and sampling rate. Additionally, there is a button to add subtitles in the added depending on the frequency of the upper right corner. Click to add subtitles. This is the perfect combination of several items can help users achieve a video editing function carefully.

AllPepole video converter for Mac:

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