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Make your own MV by AllPepole Video Cutter

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1 Make your own MV by AllPepole Video Cutter on Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:59 pm

Some friends may like to take some interesting fragments in life, or have the plot of the content to achieve their own pursuit of film and television work. But the picture is more fragmented, or the convergence of the story is not so large, how can you cut out the complete work? Make a MV! Some friends will ask, making MV will not be difficult? In fact too easily accomplish it with AllPepole video cutter, as long as the choice of your favorite music, with some simple steps will get it done, see the following tutorial of AllPepole Video Cutter to make MV, you also can accomplish!
First, open the AllPepole Video Cutter, click free trial.
Second, drag the material into the top right of the screen material library. In the material library can see material thumbnails for convenient cut. The advantage of the material library is not to return to the folder, which save more time and more convenient.
Third, in the editor menu field to set the begin time and the end time, at a glance, try will be able to understand. Using these tools to simple process and modify your works.
Fourth, in the menu to find generate format after the cutting, and then select the different transitions, each section of the material are closely linked, let MV more feeling.
Fifth, the MV will be accomplished to play again, select the file format and then finish exporting!
AllPepole Video Cutter function is complete, the operation is simple, smooth and completely cutting out a MV is not a problem, and in particular to recommend to the novice, because the download is also convenient, not particularly time-consuming trouble to find a different professional video editing software to break out, fast and practical, definitely worth a try.
AllPepole Video Cutter for Mac at APP Store:

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