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How to cut any part of the audio

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1 How to cut any part of the audio on Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:37 pm

When we hear our favorite songs, we will have a good idea that cutting favorite part of the song to do our ringtones, of course, it can also be a voice message, or used for other purposes. I have a better idea that cutting many favorite part form several songs, and then merge them together, so that we can hear our favorite part at the same time, smart boys and girls, then let’s work together to learn how to cut any section of the audio.

Here I'll show you how to cut liked part and merge into one song, of course, you have to be ready for video cutter software before the start, download and install it on your computer, then run the software, go to the interface.(Free Download Address:

After opening the software, we are ready to import audio files, select File - Open, you can import a song or multiple songs, what worth reminding is that you can also import video files, because of the video cutting software also support for extracting audio from the video. After importing the footage, we began operating cut audio files, use the mouse to click on a song to play audition, find our favorite part, and confirm the audio start time and end time at the time setting panel.

Using the above method, cut the remaining part of the song, it does not take much time to complete all. So then we should merge the rest of the songs together. Of course, it’s the most important to set output path. Select the output file type and save, we generally choose to mp3.

After output is completed, we will be able to hear our favorite songs, which are combined with all favorite parts! More useful software at AllPepole, AllPepole software you deserve!

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