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What can you prepared for Father’s day?

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1 What can you prepared for Father’s day? on Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:54 pm

The love of father is as deep as mountain, father's day is coming soon, let’s give our father a unique gift, and have a look at some advises which are the perfect gift for father's day.
Firstly, give our father a real wanted gift. According to the survey, most wanted gift of father is having a dinner with families, and others prefer a homemade gift, or accompany them to play video games, or have a weekend trip, or desperately short of tools and appliances, or electronic digital products.
Secondly, if you can’t get together with the whole family that day, and at least a time have a party with your father alone, even if only to eat a meal or drink a cup together.
Thirdly, realize one of dreams of your father, such as a trip to the World Expo, or to the Olympic Park tourism. Yes, such a gift often cost too high, but you can share with your brother and sister, or mother, and they also hope that your father will be happy.
Fourth, if the above methods are not good, then go to ask your mother what your father like best. Although this lacks originality, it can guarantee that the gift you give is exactly what he wants. Tips: you can also give your father some surprises, such as arrange a party with his old comrades in arms or let him see childhood friend.
Fifth, write a thankful letter to your father, the more specific the better. For example, don't just say, "Thanks for always accompanying me." Instead of thank you for giving up countless weekends to teach me to kick the ball. Tip: you can put your letter in a homemade card or electronica album. Believe he will love it.
Sixth, what he wants you to do you will try to satisfy him. For example, he wants you to help him please your mama, or help wash the bowl, clean the yard. Tip: no matter what you send, don't send him a tie, underwear, and socks. Studies have showed that this is the worst gifts to fathers.
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