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How to cut some unrelated videos into one

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1 How to cut some unrelated videos into one on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:04 pm

There are a lot of photographers friends around us can do video cutting, we often admire for their ability. In fact, doing video cutting is simpler than process images. Pictures as an independent show carrier, if the pre-shooting is not good and post-production is not in place which will make it fail. Video is different, no matter how bad pre-shooting and post color, as long as put them together by video cutter so that make them become good works. So the question is what is video cutter? We have no idea. Never mind, this article will teach you the simplest method of video cutting--interactive cutting with multiple lenses foreshadowing one thing.
Download video cutter at Mac:
In fact, video cutting is divided into two styles. The first one is cut in chronological order; the second is out of order scissors. Cut in the order often applies to movies and TV shows, the extreme case is a scene in the end, from the beginning to the end via a shot. Rather than out of the order of video cutter, it can be called interactive cutting, and the essential of the cutting is casually, put together seemingly unrelated shots, the expression of one thing at the same time giving a subjective attitude.
For example, you can cut four scenes which is shot in different seasons, different places into one video. It may be car recorder video, may be some footage taken during a period of travel, may be some spectators hurry up to music festival. When we put them in a certain order, and the duration of the last paragraph of the material becomes long, it looks like a different person from all sides to see the music festival.
Several unrelated scenes can generate a new video, which can even reach a deeper level. This is the charm of the video cutting. Let’s have a try.
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