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Electronic Graduation album makes youth campus memory permanent

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AllPepole Video Merger is a good helper for graduate student self-designed Graduation album. Software is all-in-one of merging video, images, text, music, including school style, teacher instruction, student data and messages, teachers and students campus life photo and so on.

Today, Graduation album is no longer a piece of paper, a photo, a section of the farewell words of blessing. Electronic Graduation album can stay a long time in our youth campus, so that let the flow out years always be fresh and vivid. Let us have a better campus life to reproduce.

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AllPepole Video Merger of functions:

1. The user-friendly interface, simple operation, and easy to use;

2. Add any formats photos, add simply edit such as add text and description;

3. Merge any picture and audio, let the pictures be accompanied by the sounds of music or voice, for example, coupled with grateful language to your teacher or the usual language when he lectures;

4. Merge video and music, some video recording is no sound when recording, then add beautiful songs to accompany it/them;

5. You can merge any audio and audio. It can be the students’ sentence greetings, a piece of song and merge into a complete audio.

When we graduated, it is time to say goodbye that each student must send a few photos as a souvenir, and then for each student to write on the words of blessing! But flush hundreds of photographs is a lot of overhead and will fade soon. Why not put these photos to make electronic album, set a beautiful, dynamic, affordable, and permanent memory?

Making Electronic Graduation Album software-My Video Merger Download address at Mac:

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