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How to cut the video to express different emotions

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Video production includes screenwriter, director, filming, post-production, and so on, although in the professional crew is to complete by division of labor, but as a director if he doesn't know how to shoot, he is unable to control the situation; if the screenwriter doesn't know the director’s thoughts, he can’t write a good script; if post-production didn't feel the intention of the shot, he also can’t cut out the best video. So if you want to cut out the best video, you must know what the real meaning of the video.

Generally, we can shoot video material in accordance with the time, place, and characters. Such as four or five friends go to the concert, the way including subway, bus, driving their own car, those videos can be points in the time category; Taking a photo in the front of the concert and shooting a complete scene of the concert can be divided into place categories. When cutting a category of different material, it can be referred to as the parallel cutting.

In fact parallel cutting covers a very wide, many science fiction movies, such as Inception, which put different spatial and temporal material together, which can be considered the special example of the parallel cutting. When we cut, as long as the same time videos, we can put them together, and will get an unexpected effect.

No matter what way, I want to tell everyone to bring your emotions into the video. We can often see the pianist, sometimes to bow their heads to quietly strike the keys; sometimes fingers fly upward rejection hair, whose purpose is to convey music emotion to the audience. The speed of video processing is the same as the pianist to convey different emotions through different speed.

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