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AllPepole Video Merger - Software of Memory Collection

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Money can be earned easily, but it is difficult to make a friend. Friendship is always indispensable to people. A friend, you make with, may be pure like water, or may be full of passion to your friendship. He or she may far from you in a long distance or live in near. Fair-weather friends or confidant and true friends, everyone has their own opinion. However, we all agree, adversity is a standard test of friendship. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. There are a lot of good memories and wonderful moments between friends. An old song, an old photograph, a familiar scene will call back the memories. In this era of technology, photos, video can help us record the scene, but the feeling is fading as the time goes.
Here AllPepole Video Merger comes to help you to collect that memory. This software incorporates video, images, text, music. You can use it to edit beautiful pictures, coupled with text, display, and then the fun really beautiful pictures. You can put multiple pictures (including photos) and sounds of music synthesis, even recording their own pairing instructions on the picture to show the colorful life among you. You can also combine the daily recorded videos and pictures, the beautiful picture into video at the appropriate location, adding scenes and characters when recording is not involved, so that you do not regret.
Allpepole Video Merger at Mac APP store:

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