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The World’s Most Convenient and Practical Video Converter

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In recent two decades, with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, there are many video formats welled up in the market. My Video Converter comes to people so as to deal with a wide variety of formats.
It is a kind of converter of AllPepole which is a terminal software manufacturer and vendor for Against civilians! This high-tech software enterprise provides independent software products with international intellectual property via online sale and operation. Software products include media series, office series, mobile series, and enterprise services series.
As the video software, Video Converter can convert different types of target format files. Once finding a video (whatever format it is), people can download it from the website, even convert it into any format one wants.
Apart from the basic function of format exchanging, the browser function is one of strongest functions of video converter. This media converter can not only realize the cross platform of different media format conversion, also has the strong function of the browser. With this media conversion software, you can no longer download other browser. In the browser page, there are some more commonly used websites to watch video.

Allpepole VideoCoverter at Mac APP store:
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