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Video Merger Engages You to Be the Director of Life

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Do you want to be a director of your own life? If your answer is “Yes”, you should carry on your plan, regardless of whatever technology you lack. My Video Merger will support you and help you solve the problem of technology lacking.
As we know it, a director needs an innovative viewpoint to the materials. My Video Merger can recombine the materials and get what you want. There will be a detailed description of this new video merger of AllPepole as follows.
The first(function) is Picture & Picture. It means Video Merger can merge all pictures you selected to make a picture animation. This function can be used to decrease the internal storage of your album. What is more, pictures recombined in a specific order will make your album more attractive.
The second is Picture & Audio or Picture & Video. It is equal to merger the picture and audio or video. The function can help you add music to the picture to make a MV.
The third is Audio & Audio and Video & Video. Audio merging can integration of music. The present medley is come into being in this way. Similarly,video merging can make a multiple video fusions. This function of Video Merger brings another kind of feeling to people.
The last function is Audio & Video. People can merge a new audio to the original video. So a video dubbing comes to us.
As all above mention, Video Merger can optionally merger the image, audio and video in the way which you think a director should take. All in all, if you has a dream of being a director, My Video Merger will help your dream come true.
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