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Dub Story with Video Merger

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1 Dub Story with Video Merger on Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:23 am

Recently, a lot of wonderful films are played in the movie theatre. After watching so many movies, do you find the fact that animated films get more and more popular. These films contain The Return of Monkey King, A Dream with My Peers, and Super Marines before, and so on. Monkey King, A Dream, Bay Max, these roles are loved by everyone. Apart from their cute appearances, their voices reach out people’s hearts.

I do not know if you have seen the dialect version of Tom and Jerry? Tom and Jerry, after this silent cartoon was added various dialects by people, results in different fun and humor. It is amazing for the combination of sound and picture, which actually produce a completely different effect and add a lot of fun.

In fact, these sounds are the voice actors’ achievements. Isn’t fun to the soundtrack? Do you want to try to replace their favorite characters’ voice with your own voice by yourself? Do not worry that you cannot make it. AllPepole Video Cutter and Video Merger can help you fulfill your dream. First, Video Cutter can cut out the audio you need and My Video Merger can merge you dubbing audio you recorded and the video. So you can hear your voice. Isn’t it particularly simple?

With My Video Merger, you are free of synthetic kinds of music, video and pictures. You cannot just be confined to the creation of dubbing. You can also make your own MV, photo wall, as well as video. Only you have an idea, my merger makes everything become possible. Free trial now in AllPepole, as long as you choose a good document and click the key Merger, Video Merger makes you a unique scene.

Allpepole Video Merger at Mac APP store:

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