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Video Cutter Helps to Preserve the Memory of Life

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The one who watched the film Fast & Furious 7 may certainly feel upset for Paul’s death. As the core role, Paul’s shadow still appears on the display in the movie. It is the nostalgic and sentimental mood. According to overseas critics said, the film arranged a successful farewell ceremony for Brian, along with a fragment in the memory of Paul in the screen.
As a big fan of Fast & Furious 7, we are willing to do to save this segment down. The trailer See You Again might touch your heart and you cannot help making it as your ringtone. Use AllPepole Video Cutter to quickly put this moving picture clips and save them to your computer.
Video Cutter can cut any audio or video. It can enter the precise timeline and trimming video frames to cut any segment of the video. Taking Fast & Furious 7 as the example, if you want to get the clips between 15 minutes to 25 minutes, you can put video to Video Cutter, and then enter the appropriate time in the timeline, then click the Cut button, clip you want to pick is taken out. Likewise, if you want to intercept the music, Video Cutter can cut the audio by entering precise timeline and trimming video track.
You can even get shutter picture. Video Cutter can cut video into the pictures. A one-second video can be cut N sheets of successive image. Such as: the 1080P HD video in a one second will be cut into 30 pictures. It is equivalent to using the camera's shutter button to shot a group of pictures.
Fast & Furious 7 let us feel touched for the death, and AllPepole Video Cutter helps us to record instant moving life in different forms. We cannot prevent the disappearance of a wonderful life but only to use Video Cutter to record these fragments of life.
Allpepole Video Cutter at Mac APP store:

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