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Which Video Cutter is Powerful?

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1 Which Video Cutter is Powerful? on Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:34 am

When it comes to the problem that which video editing software is better? I believe some new learners or users who have experienced to use some video cutter software will have no confirmative answer. Because these video editing software we have known arouse some problem like a higher register cost, an uneasy operation, software crashes and other problems that plague us all.

Therefore, to find a kind of free and easy video editing software, the primary problem to quickly improve the quality and speed need to be handled well. Plagued by the problem of traditional video editing software, the users might as well to use AllPepole Video Cutter, the free video editing software in native. This video editing software does well in resolving these issues. Free, approachable, easy to operate, no crash, AllPepole Video Cutter has full sets of these advantages. Naturally, the answer to the “Which is the most powerful video editing software” is obvious. Now, let's learn how to use this software to quickly cut a video.

First of all, in the main panel, the video will be added by clicking the Add button to select the video. In terms of the function of adding video, the software offers a variety of user-friendly manner, such as dragging directly from audio and video files into the software or download the video you need directly in the software.

Next, you can quickly set the starting point and ending point of video, and then view the video in the preview interface. This software is very precise in shearing time, frame by frame cutting out the part you want.

Finally, you can select the storage clip after finishing cutting work. If you cut the music inside the video, then you will select No video button and only store the audio; if it is cut the music inside audio, then it can be directly selected to the audio. Namely, the dealt music will be saved on your computer. If we intercept a certain period of this video, so directly select to the video.

Isn’t very simple? You will find that, in fact, many steps can be completed independently by the Video Cutter, we need to basically just two steps, you want a video clip can be done!

Allpepole Video Cutter at Mac APP store:

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