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Video Cutter Creates an Action Figure within Three Steps

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Now various forums, microblogging picture can use GIF format motion picture, but there are a lot of people knowing nothing to make a motion picture as their profile Photos. Only search on the Internet to find some unsatisfying action figure. So how to make your own avatar sparkling debut it? Today AllPepole Video Cutter will teach you to make an action picture within three steps.

First you need upload a video to Video Cutter. This video can be recorded by yourself and be chosen from film or MV, and then save it to your computer. In Video Cutter operation interface, click the Add button (+), you can put your video into Video Cutter.

The next is a video clip. You need to mark the part of video you want to make it into a moving figure, and then click the Cut button (cut). It will start to cut. The biggest feature of Video Cutter is the ability to enter precise timeline and trimming video frames to cut any paragraph of the video. It can cut a one- second or N-second video into consecutive pictures. So you can cut out that part of what you want, there is neither excessive part nor lacking part.
Note: If you are making head action figure, that video is not too big because the requirements for a small picture of the picture.

When finished, the video will be saved. In addition to outside the export format must be GIF, image size and location requirements you can choose more. So, the action figure production is complete and you can upload your avatar to show up.

Completing the production of the action figure, I think you already know the AllPepole Video Cutter’s straightforward operation, simple and clear interface. It has a powerful and comprehensive feature to cut audio / video. It supports all common video, audio and image formats, setting innovative editing, advanced effects, animated gif flash pictures, flash video production. By entering a precise timeline and trimming video frames it cuts the video into smaller videos even pictures.

AllPepole Video Cutter, born with all-around abilities, causes nothing impossible.

Allpepole Video Cutter at Mac APP store:

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