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Resource Sharing with Mobile Swap

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1 Resource Sharing with Mobile Swap on Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:22 pm

Like books, movies and music, games are also a symbol of culture that highlights particularly the arts in the mobile game. For example, the former popular games, “Monument Valley” and “Paper Border”, are not a simple game. Their interactive and visual art are more prominent, which attributes the game to an indelible culture immediately. Recently a comparable “Monument Valley” mobile game shelves on App Store, so we once again appreciate the beauty of games.

“Trim art”, from the design point of view, approaches “Monument Valley” exactly in the same, including the call to background music. “Trim art”, as its literal definition presents, the whole course of the game is to control the growth direction of the branches pruned flowers and trees. The pruning process is full of deep sense of Zen. Let us slowly calm down as falling into a deep water area.

These games have been popular for everyone, but some of them only for iOS systems. Eager to play it but upset about these issues, people cannot share with friends either. They have to give up due to different phone systems. It is really very out of mad.
If you mad with the problem caused by different phone systems, you should really download and play this game to calm down yourself. Because AllPepole Mobile Swap will help to solve this issue. It can freely interchange user’s content between iOS (iPhone \ iPad \ iPod) and Android. Only one of your friends downloads the game, you can share it with each other.

The mobile swap not only can transmit messages, call records, photos, music, video and application, but also supports cross system data transmission. Mobile transfer can exchange data between Android, Symbian and iOS. With one click, you can directly transmit data between the two cell phones.

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