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The Special Gift to My Dear Lover on Tanabata Festival

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Tanabata Festival, a traditional festival in China, is the most famous and romantic of summer festivals. A lot of girls take it very seriously now.

About Tanabata Festival
Tanabata Festival is Chinese Valentine’s Day. It is also known as Qi Qiao Festival or Girls' Festival, from the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl. Tanabata is the day that Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet each other on Magpie Bridge. For this festival the ancient had taken it quite seriously. The girls and spouses will put fruits overturned worship pray pray for divine marriage and a longer relationship.

How to have an unforgettable in the coming Tanabata Festival?
The couples certainly hope to spend this perfect “Valentine’s Day” in order to leave deep sweet memories. So, on this day, how to arrange it?
The most common is to have a romantic dinner together and watch a romantic movie. But now too many places are particularly blocking. Long time waiting let the romance become unromantic. Why not DIY your lovers a delicious meal, according to their own preferences to design a unique atmosphere. After dinner, you can download a classic love film, and together with your dearest lover to watch the movie, sitting on the couch. Sometimes you can cross ear whisper to the other and sometimes you can have a gentle kiss. This is more pleasant and comfortable than those people who play with a large group of people outside the carnival.

Do not forget to give each other a special gift. Like Valentine’s Day, roses and chocolate is the eternal gift of Tanabata. But the chocolate is best important an own handmade. Regardless of the taste and sell, this sincere heart will move your lover. Likewise, the number of roses to be sent is also very important because the different number of roses have different meanings.

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