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This Moment, Do You Remember?

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1 This Moment, Do You Remember? on Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:27 pm

Ning Zetao won the men’s 100 meters freestyle swimming world championships in Kazan this morning.

“I am yellow, I am Chinese, and today I did it!” It was the reflections when Ning Zetao won the men’s 100 meters freestyle title at the World Swimming Championships in Kazan this morning.

What does Men’s 100 meters freestyle mean to the yellow? Listen netizens comment on it: “Since 1973, Asian have never ever broke into the top eight until Ning Zetao won the gold medal!!! This just like Chinese soccer team won the World Cup the same!!! So wonderful! "Indeed, the men's 100 meters freestyle swimming are called as the flying fish wars, like track and field sprinter war. Can you imagine a yellow man to win it? Ning Zetao did it. Seeing this historic moment, the editor’s heart is surging.

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