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Trailer Formation and Video Cutter

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1 Trailer Formation and Video Cutter on Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:59 am

As we all know, before the release of a new movie, in order to attract more people to watch the film, the film company will present the online trailer. Trailer is the highlights of the clip after deliberately in order to create a memorable impression, and to achieve the appealing effect of short films.

Highlights need high requirements to clip. Too long fragments not only need spend high advertising costs, but not get the effect of publicity. AllPepole Video Cutter can accurately clip the video you want. You can enter the precise timeline and trimming video frames to cut any part of the video. Next we look at how to use AllPepole software to produce a trailer:

First of all, you need download these softwares in Apple App ( and install them. Then start Video Cutter, in the upper left corner of the clip box, click the Add button (+) you can upload a video to the Video Cutter.

Then you can start editing the video. First you need to set the start time and end time of the video you want to cut. Because you can go through the watch video in determining the time period of the video, but the exact timeline in one second, and the fine-tune video frame can help you cut any segment of the video.

The next step is to save the video cut off. Because each trailer will play with different players, we need to set different video formats. Video Cutter has now common video formats for your choice, such as: AVI, WMV and so on.

This video has been cut well. We will continue the following operations. Since the trailer belongs movie advertising, it is part of the marketing. Trailers do not put all the highlights of the film together. It also has its own processes, post-production editing, compositing, special effects, and a movie is the same. Cutting work we’ve done, and now these fragments will be merged up with Video Merger. The last step is adding special effects which can also be carried out in the preview page of Video Merger.

Allpepole Video Cutter at Mac APP store:

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