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Post-production of Movies (one)

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1 Post-production of Movies (one) on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:36 am

Video post-production is to use the materials of actual shooting, making stunts in the way of three-dimensional animation and compositing, and then to merge montages together to form a complete film, and add sound to the film.

In general, the film and television post-production include three aspects: the first is connected lens in group, namely the clipping; the second is the effects of the production, such as special effects in transition shots, fade, and circle ring into, and now also the use of 3D animation and special effects; the third is the emergence of the emergence and stereo sound into the movie. We should also consider a sound post-production, including film theory and later appeared in vertical montage. These three points is essentially process to make the video film and television post-production: Cut - Formal clip - Composer selections – Special effect insert- Voice synthesis.

Primary cut is also called rough cut. Now editing work is generally finished in the computer, so the film materials through telecine transition first enter into the computer and the director and editor start to the original cutting. First step of cutting, the director will splice shooting materials together in the order of the script to edit them into a version without visual effects, narration and music. After the primary cutting will start the professional clip which is also known as fine cut. Fine cut contains these works that modify the unsatisfied part and insert the synthesis to the advertising of the film for commercials. Thus, working part of the picture is now complete.

Primary scissors and fine shears require formal editing software. The often used editing software during editing process include: Adobe Premiere Pro, Video Cutter, EDIUS, Autodesk & reg, Smoke & reg, etc., more mainstream software is Video cutter, Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video Cutter is a video clipping developed by AllPepole. It is the video cutter master in editing software. By entering precise timeline and trimming video frames it cuts the video into any smaller videos. It also can cut a one-second or N-second video to consecutive pictures, and cut any video format for different audio \ video or pictures, or animation. Similarly, it can help to insert any picture to any audio \ video to generate a new video.

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