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Post-production of Movies Ⅱ

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1 Post-production of Movies Ⅱ on Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:29 am

Last writing, we have learned about the first two processes of film and television production. The next article will present the rest processes. The first is the composer’s creation or selection. The music of advertising can be composed or selected. The difference between the two is that composing a song need a higher cost but the commercials will have a unique music and the music and pictures can perfectly combine; while choosing the existing tracks would be more economical but without uniqueness. Whether composer or select a song, the track will be embedded into film and television.

The following is the effects insert. This step is a core step. The special effects not shot or a bad shot need inserted the effects into the desired position of the video.

The final process is the voice synthesis. Narration and dialogue are completed at this time. After completion of narration, dialogue and music, the editor of sound effects would add a variety of sound for commercials. So far, the audio portion of commercials is finished. The final step is to adjust the respective volume to the proper position and merge all the elements together.

In these three processes, we will find every process need merge materials to the original video to make the video more perfect. That will inevitably have to mention Video Merger, Combustion, DFsion, Shake, premiere synthetic these merger software. Video Merger is a high-end for the synthesis of the post-production of film and television platform. Inside the tool has basic tools the video production need, specially developed for film produce. These advanced tools have contained in the synthesis software which is easy to meet (payable) the demand of Television development and the requirements for HD video, AVI, DVD and various video formats.

Returning to the subject, post-production of movies is a continuous process of editing and merging, cutting off the excessive parts and adding the missing section. But the hardness only the director and the staff of post-production know.

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