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Photos Recreation

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1 Photos Recreation on Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:00 am

Since the phone has the function of camera, we can take pictures anytime, anywhere. However, some photo has feels to people, and some shoot are very general. How to make your own photos characteristics?

The word “Xiezhen” from the Japanese means photography or taking pictures. It is now particularly welcomed by the people, because this photograph presented their characteristics. Now a lot of people choose to go to the studio photo shoot, but due to achieve the desired effect, will aid a lot of props, so the cost can be high. For most people, they are not going to spend money photo shoot despite interest. How to use a more economical way to achieve the unique effect of the Xiezhen?

AllPepole Photo Editor can help us solve the above two problems. It can optionally cut, composite photograph, optimize images and add special effects to photos. Here we will learn how to use AllPepole photo editor to edit the existing photo and achieve a special photo.

Step one: picture cut-out
If we need to make the ancient version of the portrait, we must replace the background. So we must pull out the portrait. After opening a picture in AllPepole photo editor, we choose “Scene” – “digging change background” - click on “Start digging”. Next we need the image portion along the stroke, then automatically matting, click “Finish matting”

Step two: Replace the background
After picture digging is complete, press and hold the left mouse button to change the handle, the picture size adjusted to the appropriate size. Click the top-right corner of the "Background Settings", select a color, then click the "OK" button. So changing the background is complete. Passport can also make this way.

Step three: add effects
On the left side there are a lot of effects buttons: brightness, saturation, transparency and decoration, so that figure is more aesthetic. You can choose according to their own requirements, until you get satisfactory results. This photo is done.

Step Four: preview
Click the Preview button we can see our pictures, if you are not satisfied, you can repeat the above steps to adjust until we get their desired images.

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