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Find beauty, record beauty and transform beauty

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I cherish your gift, but do not want to say anything, because you decided to sway, and I can feel the different aspects of you. Beautiful, you is always the goal we have been looking for.
Find beauty
Where do you find beauty? Fashion magazines? Musical videos? One American photographer is finding beauty in unexpected places. And a new documentary about his work might help change the traditional standards of “who” is beautiful. The photographer travels thousands of miles to find the beauty in his mind, with the eyes to discover the world of beauty.

Record beauty
The American photographer records the beautiful moments with camera and save them up. We usually records generally beautiful with the phone during the trip. Thus, the scenery is recorded in the form of pictures.

Transform beauty
A picture photographed by cameras and mobile phones cannot present the beauty of things completely, and ever-changing scenery is more elusive. So in order to leave no regrets, we can edit these pictures to show up beautiful things again.
AllPepole Photo Editor is a simple image editing tools. The software’s adjustable range is very comprehensive. You only need to drag to finish editing the picture or the control bar. You can do a lot of image editing tasks, such as adjusting color, adding effects, rotating, cropping, resizing, framing, and so on. Color adjustment options include hue, saturation, contrast and brightness.
In addition you can use also adjusting function, the other editing functions contain gamma correction, contrast, auto tone, blur, sharpen, paint, sketch, Polaroid, high-contrast black and white, sepia, and lots more photo effects editing.

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