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which transfer data tool can quickly swap

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1 which transfer data tool can quickly swap on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:04 pm

With the rapid development of society and technology, the mobile phone now update speed is very fast. Some people began to buy when the new mobile phone is listed; even some people are still early booked in advance before the mobile phone is being developed and produced. For many people buy a mobile phone is a very easy thing, but the data in the mobile phone how to swap makes them have a headache.

Then is there a software can achieve a key transfer all of the data from the old mobile phone to the new one? My Mobile Swap can help you reduce trouble, to achieve this transformation.

First of all, you can go to the AllPepole softwareofficial website to download and install. Now the software only supports Windows version, and users of the Mac system don’t have to worry about, AllPepole R & D team is hard-working to update, the Mac version will also be listed soon. Download and install are completed, open it, which will pop up a registration dialog box, you can ignore or can be filled with your email address to get registration code in order to better use.

In the software of the menu bar, we can see that there are five buttons, respectively contact, message, image, video and audio. We can see that the Mobile data swap tool transmission of the content is diverse. Transfer content can be one element; also can be bath, which is so easily.

At the bottom, we found that there are two copy buttons, but their arrows are reversed in direction. That is to say they can copy each other, mutual transmit.

More about "which transfer data tool can quickly swap", you can enter the AllPepole official website to know more, or directly send email to to obtain more direct and quick answer.

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