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AllPepole Merger Pack Your Memories

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1 AllPepole Merger Pack Your Memories on Thu Aug 20, 2015 1:58 am

Today is Tanabata, China’s Valentine’s Day. It should be a day of joy. However, the editor watched such a small online video: Why did you give up favorite people? Watching this video, I was also the flavors mixed into. Some couples keep the relationships for ten years, some five years, and some only three or four months. But when asked why you give up favorite person, some people answered that he/she want their lovers to be happy and make blessing with smile; while some cannot speak a word out and cry with sad tears, frustrated and resigned.

Skelter love is normal which means the person is not your destined lover and the suitable person may be waiting for you. Today is Tanabata, we should have previous memory packaged and sealed up. All kinds of pictures, videos may make you unable to start. But do not worry. AllPepole Merger will help you and make you easy to manage your video and picture files.

AllPepole Merger by combining video, audio and pictures helps you to save the recording images, videos and other files in a classified management. We can use AllPepole Merger to start pictures and images, pictures to audios merging, video to video merging, and video to audio merging. The multiple pictures combined both are categorized rendered, and saves memory.

Adding your favorite music makes you feel empathy while viewing the pictures. If you think it cannot express your feelings, you can directly add text to express your feelings. Video of the merger and consolidation method similar picture, just select the files you want to merge in AllPepole Merger software, click the Merge button, which is a key synthesis.

AllPepole Merger not only packages your memory, and seals them up. So, the phone, computer’s storage will spare out. Even empty your heart so that you can continue to live a happy life and looking for a new relationship.

Allpepole Video Merger at Mac APP store:

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