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Don’t take AllPepole Player just as a video player

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In the professional point of view, with respect to the “actors” field, many actors are powerful businessmen. They first put themselves as the star product, and then continue to develop the team derivatives. For China famous actor Wallace, just past 2014, her biggest achievement is her own producer of “Legend of Wu Mei Niang”, a TV series, which frequently hit a new and high rating.

About many critics of this costume drama, she openly said: “Appearance value is a very important point in the series that I did play because nobody wants to see ugly things but we are willing to appreciate the beauty, which I learned from my mother, grandmother and aunt’s reaction to the remote control. Therefore, pleasing, beautiful these two words are my request. Whatever a 50-year-old uncle or young and handsome men must be pleasing. All the girls are beautiful. TV series is a very rapid consumption. Nice story with the beautiful picture and unseen clothes can grab the attention of audience”.

These words are not only the experience of her producer but also her experiences as the star. In fact, the audiences like beautiful things. As Wallace says, all people like the beautiful things. If we want to finish a task, we must make use of its profits first. Enjoy a video, there must have a good player, so as to have a pleasant feeling. Compared to other video players, AllPepole Player supports all media formats, including audio and pictures.

It is the multi-function media player. With this media player software, you not only have video player, music player and picture viewer simultaneously, but also you can merge videos/audio/pictures into one video to generate own video.
As is known to all, there are many kinds of media formats currently. A variety of media formats make people confused how to choose the kind of players. With My Media Player, it not only supports all formats, but also presents in the HD screen, let you enjoy the video’s true beauty.

So AllPepole Player is not just a simple player like others, it also can realize the merge function.

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