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The Materials the Freshmen need prepare

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1 The Materials the Freshmen need prepare on Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:36 pm

School’s Starting date approaching, freshmen will enter major colleges and universities to have a new journey. Because freshmen are not very clear to the admissions process, it may pull down something affect enrollment. The editor had almost missed the poor bursary application because she forgot a related form. Let’s list what they need to prepare and make advanced preparations:

ID: this is our identity. Carry it every time as possible as you can do.
Admission: It is important because it is the evidence that the school admit your credentials

Handle the transfer materials of Member and Party

Check-Account Transfer: at the local police station for account transfer (advice: you’d better not transfer the rural household because the account will be transferred directly into town household after your graduation)

Apply for student loans: the students in need can apply for a load in local education institution or your school.

These are the basic preparatory work, but the editor need remind you that you should read the materials the school sent to you carefully result from each school’s requirements may not be the same. Read the requirement inside on the presentation, and make some preparation materials, timely cover the chapter.

Oh, almost forgot, passport is indispensable. If you did not prepare well for it yet, now you need hold on. Small advice, making the passport photograph looks better because it might be used on your campus card. If you do not want every meal card when they cannot bear to look at the face, and now might take a shot as well. If you do not like the stereotyping studio photos, you can use your own photos to edit with AllPepole PhotoEditor. First you need to change a red or blue background (common). Brightness, contrast, size, you can set by yourself. You can even use PhotoEditor to take pictures and then edit them.

These things are well done. School report that day will save you a lot of energy. Not wordy, and I wish the new school freshman had a good start, to experience a new life.

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