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Powerful AllPepole Video Software You Wouldn’t Want to Miss This August

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This August is coming to an end. The time to go to school will come. I think we people have given up many things to play in the summer. But now, we cannot miss the video software because they can bring convenient to them. There are four kinds of video software for you to choose as follows.

The first software is My Player. Its main functions are:
1. Supports all media formats, such as Audio \ Video, Pictures etc.;
•2. Edit graphics and animation whatever you like;
•3. Merge voice, audio, video, and pictures to generate audio and video file in order to add dynamic elements to beautiful pictures;
•4. Highlight all pictures with Picture Wall;
•5. Display and drag images in touch mode.

The second software is My Video Merger. Its main functions are:
•1. Picture + picture Photos, Landscape Pictures, beautiful edited pictures and so on add text description, show pictures really beauty;
•2. Pictures + Audio Merging multiple images (including photos) with music, even using pictures and audio’s paired recording to show the rich and colorful life;
•3. Pictures + Video Merging daily recording video with pictures, insert beautiful pictures into the appropriate location at video and add scenes and characters are not covered when recording;
•4. Audio + Audio Merging the classic songs with multiple audio into a new audio.
•5. Audio + Video Adding delightful music to the video recording, and even change the original video background music to what you want or recorded, then merged them into a new video;
•6.Video + Video Multiple video is modified and recombined will help you show your style.

The third software is My Video Converter. Its main functions are:
•1.Convert audio, video, music, voice and other media formats;
•2.Conversion format over 160 kinds;
•3.Batch convert different types of target format file;
•4.Support cross-platform multi-device (Windows and Mac platforms, iOS (iPhone \ iPad \ iPod) and Android devices and Symbian system equipment, etc.);
•5.Convert VCD \DVD to any format media file;
•6.HD player: Check the quality by play before converting.

The last one is My Video Cutter. It is the cutting Master, whose functions contain:
1. Cut the video into any small part of video by entering the precise timeline and trimming video frame;
2. Cut the one-second or N-second video to consecutive pictures;
3. cut the video of any format to different audio, video, pictures, animation, etc.;
4. Insert any image to any audio or video and then generate a new video.

These four video softwares are beneficial to make the new video or the video playing. Apart from the video software, there are more AllPepole products at APP Store. You can click the link below to know more:

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