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1 Free trial AllPepole My Merger on Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:28 pm

In modern life, perhaps we have such trouble, when photographing some beautiful photos, when recording some wonderful video, when listening to a sweet song, but every time we want to see or listen, we have to look for a long time, and one played over, but also to stop and continue to play the next one, so we feel life is discontinuous. Is there any software that can achieve beautiful photos, wonderful videos and sweet song merger to make people once reach experience the thrill of all?

Now I recommend you crafted by AllPepole company for mass media merger.

My merger by AllPepole company´╝ÜPicture + picture. Photos, landscape pictures, edited beautiful pictures coupled with a text description, show the real beauty of the picture.

My merger by company´╝ÜPictures + audio. Many images (including photos) and sweet songs, and even using recordings and pictures of pairing instructions, to show the colorful life.

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