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Why the player can also merge?

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1 Why the player can also merge? on Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:27 pm

Sometimes we see a wonderful screen or thrills; we expect to put them together. My Player can merge classic video, audio file and pictures to publish or display their works. We need merge different effects of products. The Media Player can merge audio and video, audio and image, video and video, pictures and pictures.

When we want to do the dynamic effect of the picture,My MultiMedia Player provides animation with the picture, so the picture has dynamic effect; and then generates a new video we want by merging function.

The various exhibitions Congress need company works (pictures) or performance (data of pictures) for image and video synthesis to express department and employees. The reason why AllPepole official website My Player provides merging is the necessity of combination with audio, video and pictures.

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