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How to merge pictures, video and audio into a new video

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Every time we go out to play, reach a new place, we will take the most beautiful pictures for souvenir or collection. So in our computers, mobile phone or camera store there are a lot of beautiful pictures, if these pictures have been put rather also too wasteful, some wonderful pictures will not be found. Today we can pick out the classification of these wonderful photos, and then use the Multimedia Merge software My Merger to make video album with songs and animation.

Firstly, you can go to the AllPepole official website to free download and install My Merger, currently only supports Mac version, Windows version are trying to make the update by R & D team. The installation may take a few minutes, you need to wait patiently. After the installation is complete, double-click to open the interface, the software is divided into four sections, respectively is the preview, picture, video and audio.

In the picture section, click “+” to add your merge pictures, you can bath add, which will save a lot of time for you. Click on the picture, generating preview, select the picture you like best. So for unsatisfied pictures, you can select them, then click “-” to delete selected pictures.

In the video and audio column are the same operations. Click “+” to add Video or audio you want to merge, click “-” to delete which you are not satisfied.

Each step is ready; click “Merger” at the corner of lower right, you can start the merge. After merging, preview it, absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. In addition, you can also add description to the video, after the completion of the merger, click pause, add it to where you like.

The media merger is so powerful; do you want to own it? Please download at AllPepole Official Website , let your photos, video and audio more perfect.

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