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Multimedia merge software merges your pictures into video

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My Merger is a powerful Multimedia Merge, can be used to produce a variety of video, such as the graduation album, wedding album, and party album and so on.

With the novelty of the September, parting and sad of June, four years have passed, we all will step the next period of life. We have listened to the lectures, meet more amiable teacher, classroom the first few rows is always empty, remember that classroom? We still have graduated, leaving only a word "treasure", but there are not what good gifts for each other. Want something creative, have full graduation pictures, be inferior to use the photographs to make video by My media merge forever!

Make a graduation photo album video is not complicated, even in the university we again how didn't listen, PPT will still use, yes! As long as you use PPT, you can create beautiful graduation photo album video. However, the PPT only show it in a slide, so this time you have to use a powerful media merger My Merger, not only can add your photo voice, you also can add description with rich text.

Open My Merger, profiles of the four columns into clear sight, click the "+" to add your photos, video and audio; click "-" delete your wrong picked pictures, video and audio; If you feel your images, video and audio are very good, you don't have a choice to they, you only need to click the "√" to select all; You are not satisfied or all the wrong photos, you can also click on the "×", cancel all operations, and then reselect.

In the choice to confirm all images, video and audio, click “Merge”, you will get a whole new video. In addition, you can also add a wonderful description or the photo shooting time, character name in each picture and so on, for later reading time can clearly remember every scene and every one.

The graduation album simply made, then share with your classmates. You can go to AllPepole Official Website to download and install this powerful media merger software, you can also go to the apple iTunes APP store to download and install the media merger software free. My Merger is worthy of deserve.

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