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How to merge video with audio in minutes with AllPepole Video Merger

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Combination of audio and video is an effective method in order to better the whole video effect. If you want to add video or audio to your slides, AllPepole video merger is an ideal video/audio tool to process the task.
With this great tool, you can immediately merged audio files, video classy. And the basic process of the merger is fairly simple. In addition, also provides video and audio tracks alone, let you accurate, easily to edit them. If you need, you can free move forward or backward audio to synchronize the time line of panel.
In addition to add audio and video, the program can also let you have the right to transfer the audio from video. This feature allows you to with you the necessary background to replace the original audio video.
In the guidelines below, you will learn how to merge synchronization of video and audio to a single clip.
Firstly, load the video and audio files
First of all, start the video joiner, and click "add" button to add video and audio files. Once the file has been successfully added, they will be displayed in the user's photo album thumbnails. This program has almost all of the video formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, etc. With high compatibility
Secondly, combining with the video and audio files
Drag the video and audio files to the timeline panel. Then, they will be in the video and music repertoire of the track, respectively. Move left and right audio, video synchronization. In the preview window, you can check the result of real time. If you are satisfied with the results, then get to the next step and generated files.
Thirdly, export the file
If you have already got what you want, and then click the "merge" choose the way to release. Click "device", and then derived from the drop-down list the final video multimedia devices; Click on the "format", in order to save both in its original format or other popular formats of video to your target directory. Social media and can click on "YouTube" lovers of DVD video or "DVD", sharing the final video.
Free download AllPepole Video Merger at iTunes app store:

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