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How to use AllPepole video merge function

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1 How to use AllPepole video merge function on Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:45 pm

AllPepole Video Joiner is great free software from AllPepole that allows users to join MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA audio files and AVI, mpeg - 1, mpeg - 2 and WMV files into one file. Fortunately, this AllPepole Video Joiner can download the free application not only at official website in AllPepole, but also in the iTunes App Store is easy and user-friendly. However, it can still be found to download at hundreds of other sites.
How to use AllPepole video merger function, follow these steps:
1. Download AllPepole video merge
2. Add merge list file you want to bind. You can click on [Add] button and use the file browser, or through a simple drag-and-file to the main window. Note: In the video section, add the video, also picture section, add images, audio section, add audio, is very simple.
3. Select the files you want to merge click on the first file, and then [shift] + click on the last file. This will highlight the first file, and finally a file, all files between orange.
4. Right-click on a file you highlight it, then edit it. You can add a description or signature.
5. Delete unmerges files, you can click the Delete button or you can choose what you want to delete, and then delete them simultaneously.
6. Select the output path that you want to save your file.
7. When you are satisfied with the merger set, click the Start button to begin the merge. All files will be merged into a single output file, based on the combined set of your choice!
Download at app store:

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