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How to implement the program data transfer between Android mobile phones?

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With a new phone, how to quickly transfer the address book, text messages, pictures and music to the new phone? If it is pure manual copying, input, you're out for too long. Actually, you can install AllPepole Mobile Swap easily apply contacts, photos, music, etc. A key moved to the new phone.
AllPepole Mobile Swap is a super convenient Mobile phone data transfer tools quickly. Without Internet, need to use cable, easily transfer data between the android mobile phones! Using AllPepole Mobile Swap can zero flow fast implementation include contacts, SMS, applications, music, pictures, video, and so on data transfer.
AllPepole software at iTunes app store:
Assistants from Sunning phone stores said: "the mobile phone has become a modern people's fast moving consumer goods, some people from Huawei mobile phones to Samsung, from HTC to millet, new hand after the first thing is to get the old phone's address book moved to the new phone, because mobile phone brand models, different directories are not compatible, has caused many people to transfer contacts in trouble."
Guide from iPhone store said: the customer Mr Zhang reflect, old and new mobile phone brand, will import nearly thousand telephone number in the phone book in the new phone is not very easy to implement, the introduction of the method is not only online operation trial, for users who like me has the certain difficulty! Finally had to use "a finger Zen" hundreds of contacts will be input into the new phone.
Take in a new cell phone, but how to get the old mobile phone in the network resource security stumped a lot of people moved to the new phone. We know that human resources is a kind of potential intangible assets, is a kind of potential wealth. An individual career success, 80% attributable to get along with others, 20% is from your heart. Mobile phone address book how important it is!
Summary: As long as the "AllPepole Mobile Swap” APP installed on the computer, the connection between old and new cell phone, the data in the old Mobile phones can be safely and quickly moved to the new phone. AllPepole Mobile Swap really must give force!
Free download AllPepole Mobile Swap:

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