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How to Merge Several VOB Files into One in Windows and Mac

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If you have been saved from a DVD movie, you will find that the film is divided into several parts and not smooth switch widely. In this case, you may be looking for a way, can in a relaxed manner, without any interruption playing them merge VOB video. So, you are lucky, because there are some that can help you complete the task of high quality programs at any time.
AllPepole video merger strongly recommend the professional program integration VOB files here. Through a simple click and drag and drop a few times, your video will be automatically merged into play by your definition of sequence. The smart tool can keep the original video quality at the same time to perform this task quickly. In addition, it also provides a variety of transition effects, allow you to further polish your video.
How to make the VOB files merge into one?
The following steps will help you to merge VOB video files in Windows computer. If you are a Mac user, you can download the AllPepole video merge for Mac to merge, if need to use the same guidelines.
1, import the files into the program
After start the program on your computer, you need to click the import, add your VOB files. Or you can directly drive video program. All add files will be listed on the user's photo album.
2, put the VOB video clips together
Output files will be based on the order of the video track combination, so you'd better have order of drag the video media library timeline panel. If you want to rearrange the video track video clips, simply left click and hold down each clip put it where needed.
3, add transitions (optional)
A transition effect is an effective way to improve the video. Click the timeline panel above interim button to open the library, including more than 50 effects for your choice. All you have to do is to drag a satisfactory effect, with the scene between two video clips.
4, comprehensive exports file
After you have completed when you with personalized, please click create to activate the output interface. Output with four options, you can save the end result in the local folders, transmitted to mobile devices, uploaded to YouTube, or burn to DVD directly.
Have this powerful application, you will be able to connect to watch video clips and enhance your entertainment. Free download at app store:

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