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How to freely cut picture

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1 How to freely cut picture on Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:20 pm

We may occasionally need a part of the picture, but with some professional photo editing software to do this thing is more complicated. This time what to do, in fact, AllPepole photo editor can cut picture, this article will tell you how to use it to cut favorite pictures.


My PhotoEditor

Methods / procedures:

1, Open the Google browser, enter the, found My PhotoEditor, and then click free download and installation. It may take a few minutes in the installation process, don't close the installation program in the way.

2, after the installation is complete, open the software, the fresh interface will show in front of you. There are four buttons on the top, which are respectively preview, effect, cutting, selfie. And click cutting, and then open the image you want to cut. In the left sidebar, below Adjust, the sub menu, there are eight buttons, respectively represent eight different functions. Click the third; drag a rectangle to cut in place, rectangular box part will be cut out. You can also adjust the rectangular box size, to show the size of the image.

3, remember to save the original after cutting, otherwise will be lost. Similarly, in the left sidebar, the emergence of two buttons, one button is to give up, the other is the confirm button. Click on the confirmation, save the cut picture to the path you want to.

Is it very simple? So operation is simple. In addition, about other function of My PhotoEditor, you can enter the AllPepole Official Website to know more.

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