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How to make your own wedding video by video merger

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My Merger is a full-featured video merger which teaches you self-made Memorial tablets. There are many kinds of ways to make the memorial tablets of diversity, wedding style production memorial tablet is more diverse, and get someone else to do, still be inferior to DIY, not only can enjoy the fun of DIY, but also can make a handy anniversary tablets.

Wedding anniversary piece of material should not be limited to wedding photography, real or short or long love long distance race posture can reflect more love, two people together to visit the photo, the photo dating, and some of the important activities of the photos, this is the origin of important materials to marry album. So be sure to do the preliminary collection work.

Open the Video Merge, the first step also the most important step is to carry on to the material sorting, recommendation can be sorted according to the time order, namely photo shooting sequence, this plate is easy to pick up and back, like watch TV, one has out of order.

Click the "T" button to add to text photos, this is very important, and this is one of the highlights of their own design, which requires both husband and wife together to complete, write down the mood and feeling, at the time of the shooting records, do not need too long, but should be active, warm words.

Begin to merge, can get a complete married memorial tablets. You can also save the tablets to you want to save the folder path.

AllPepole Official Website tells us marriage is the most important thing in life. Use perfect software making a memorial tablet personally for self-love is also the most important thing.

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