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Merge Multiple Video Files With AllPepole Video Merger simply

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My father and I have a tradition. Every year, he gave me some DVD burn about their lives. I have a series of records for several years, so when I was a little homesick, I open it, big volume, began to watch around the room!
One day, I decided to take some "AVI video files merged into one large" AVI files, so they can play continuously. Video file merging is quick and convenient to use free open source software called that AllPepole Video Merger.
With AllPepole Video Merger, you can use it to edit your video files any way you want them to, you can merge video files, will they break up, save the audio source, capture screenshots, fixed shading the video and so on.
It is worth spending some time to explore AllPepole Video Merger, if you are serious video clips. I use AllPepole Video Merger, for example, making my video camera after editing the film. Today, I will show you how to merge together in the two or more video file.
When you open AllPepole Video Merger, please open video files.
Now, upload what you want in your new video file. If you have two and more, you can bulk add them, or drag them into the video column.
Next, preview and edit them, you can add description and text into them,
After finished, please select your output path, and click the merger button.
That AllPepole Video Merger won was a great piece of free software. As the Audacity, do you have you need to edit and put together a video and audio on your computer - there is no cost you a penny. I highly recommend you download the program to your computer, take the time to go through it.

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