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A more professional video cutter to use - AllPepole Video Cutter

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My birthday party, I have to record video, when I look at it, I noticed that there is a gap in a certain part of the video content. Can you help me to look at it, I can use my video files, without changing the quality of video cutter free software? I 'v deeply appreciate any help from you, thanks!
May have to cut or blank or do not need to be part of cut off a portion of the video clip to set aside some of the other cases. This process is also available in large video into small, like the only significant, for each video will merge in the surface part of the event. In order to achieve this effect, you need is a video cutter, this will help you cut all video files that you need. Now, let's take a look at the simple summary of the video cutting software.
AllPepole Video Cutter is for cutting, segmentation and video clips made a free video application. You can with almost all video files such as MPEG4, AVI, DIVX, MWV, more and more people to use this tool. To begin using the process:
Step1. Download and install AllPepole Video Cutter on your computer. Start drag and drop video program. All of the video will be displayed in the area of media library.
Step2. Cut off the video files to show the timeline.
Step3. In order to cut the beginning or the end of the video, as long as you move the cursor at the beginning or the end of the video. When the cursor becomes a cross, move forward or backward. If you want to cut video, first of all, move the cursor to you want it to be, and then click scissors icon. You see, you have to cut a part of the video.
Step 4: click "export", to save the video clip to your computer.
This is a promising free program that is worth trying. Use it yourself and know its difference.

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