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How to merge MP4 video into a single one in an Efficient Way

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MP4 file formats are most often used to store digital audio/video, you can easily find everywhere. In addition, most by including apple, iPhone, DV/DC and other types of cellular mobile device to capture the video clip is mainly used for in MP4 format. If you have, you may need to merge MP4 files and other audio or video files. In this article, you can find how convenient with other video format file to match your MP4 files.
Due to the size of the MP4 format is small, most of the video will be divided into several parts. If you like from the Internet to download your favorite movie or TV series, you will be disappointed of small fragments. If you want to share your holiday travel during some of the video captured is another case. In any case, a very good MP4 Merger will help you to merge video clips, AllPepole Video Merger is a great project, you can use for your MP4 files merger.

How to merge MP4 video into one
1, add video program
Start AllPepole Video Merger, and then click the import button on the main interface to find and add file. You can also drag and drop files from the computer directly copied to the application of another option. As soon as they join, you will see the files in the user's photo album.
2, Merge MP4 clips into one file
To start Merging, you need from the user's photo albums to all the video files in the timeline panel. After that, you can arrange the files you want to play order. When you're ready you collocation MP4 files, you can right-click the clips, and select the option you want.
3, Combination of output files
Everything is finished, you can click on the output path way to choose out your video. You can save the local folder with the original format of video, or do you like any format, exported to the portable devices for viewing in the future, from the application uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, and burn to DVD, through the DVD player to watch on TV.
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