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View images in slideshow with Photo Editor

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1 View images in slideshow with Photo Editor on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:55 pm

Everyone has a lazy side, even while viewing photos would also like to have a simple way. My PhotoEditor is a super powerful photo editing software. With it you can not only view all the pictures in slideshow, you can also view all the pictures with photo wall. With the form of slideshow, you don't have to click the mouse while you can view all the picture in turns; With photo wall, you view all the photos about the appearance once, when you want to view the details of each picture, you will move your fingers, chick which you like.

View all the pictures in a slideshow:

First open all the pictures you want to view, not choose one by one, you can batch operation. You can choose to use the mouse to drag, or hold Ctrl to choose photos. Add finished, click the left mouse button on slideshow, you can view the slideshow, all the images, each image interval time is about 2 seconds, if you see a particular favorite pictures, you can click the ESC button, and return to the home page, see this piece of picture you like, you also can use it to as your desktop wallpaper, or you can also print on it, of course, the prerequisite is that you install a printer.

View all the pictures in the photo wall:

Of course the first is also open your pictures, the same can be batch operation. Click on photo wall, an eye watching all the photos. Want to read more carefully, and then click, clear amplified picture came out. Want to go back to the main interface, and then double click on the picture, quick return.

Everyone has their own style, look at the photos is the same, and you can choose according your taste of photo wall or slideshow. This is just a picture processor some simple functions. My PhotoEditor by AllPepole Official Website is an easy to use image editing and processing software, not only to support the image rotation, image processing effect, but also the strong features, waiting for you to find.

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