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How to make brilliant photo album with Media Merger

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For friends who love taking pictures, making their favorite photos into albums can make them feel more photo effects, such as with nice photo text or decorative, then add the pleasant background music, can complete a very cool dynamic photo albums. So how to make brilliant and dynamic photo album? You will feel something that only professionals can do, then you are wrong, in fact, you only need a Multimedia Merge software, you can be a master in a second, simple and fast to produce your own dynamic photo album.

First, download and install AllPepole My Merger, and then open, you will see a clear four interface. The two columns are the video preview interface and add picture interface. Video preview interface is when you make a new video before the merge, you can also preview whether it is you wanted video or audio; of course, after the combined production is completed, you can also preview the final effect. Add picture interface, operation is very simple, as long as open folder, find target pictures, one click add all the pictures, save more time for you. The following two columns respectively are adding video and audio. The operation is as simple as the same. After you add all wanted images, video and audio, began to merge. Of course, you may ask, where to find the merged video? So, before the merger, we have some important step is to select the output path, path selection you want to save, convenient we see later.

Do you think that this is done; we haven't added wonderful text description to our dynamic photo albums. Don't worry, when the preview, you can click pause, and then click the T button, you can add description to anywhere as you like.

Is it very simple? Only laughed better together, hastened to share AllPepole Official Website video merge software to your friends let them also produce their own dynamic albums.

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