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Convert you media format to any format

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1 Convert you media format to any format on Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:40 pm

Now almost people like to watch videos with mobile phone, although the video player supports most of the video format, but due to some movies or TV series of limited resources, when we finally find and download video, but it cannot normal play in our mobile phone, we will inevitably feel a little sad. In order to meet all the people can smoothly to watch all the video, AllPepole Company developed multi-function Video Converter software which not only supports all the format conversion, but also supports online preview and online download, can help you convert any audio and video format to the format you need.

Many of the less skilled computer operation friends certainly will not use the software. But after you read this tutorial, you will find that the original operation is so simple.

First, open the My VideoConverter application software; add you converted video.

Second, choose the target format you want to convert. For example, you want to convert VOB video format into DVD format. First selected the original video, and then select the final conversion equipment or format, then click the "options", then will pop up a dialog box, which you can independently set the conversion of encoder, resolution, frame rate, bitrate and other parameters, and then to see output path on the bottom, select the save path, and finally click convert.

Successfully complete the conversion work; you can preview it again to check conversion quality. If not satisfied, you may also have parameter setting has a problem, you can re-conversion, until you are satisfied.

This AllPepole video convert software, not only support video conversion, picture format conversion and audio format also supports. The conversion operation step is equally simple, everyone can have a try.

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