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How to watch WMV files on Mac - AllPepole Video Player

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A very common problem for Mac users is playing Windows Media Video (WMV) files. When your Mac tries to open WMV files by default in QuickTime, you’ll commonly receive an error message along the lines of ‘This is not a movie file’. The reason is that WMV files use Microsoft proprietary codecs that don’t work in OS X. This gets really annoying if you come across a WMV file and want to watch it on your Mac.
The most versatile player out there, AllPepole media player lets you play WMV files without any Plugin, although it’s only a playback solution; it doesn’t let you edit WMV files in QuickTime supported apps including iMovie and Final Cut. The great thing about AllPepole media player, however, is that it’s lightweight, fast, and can handle almost any media format you throw at it.
This player emerged out of the Google Codes project as an attempt to create an all-round player. AllPepole media player is a simple but powerful video player designed specifically for Mac and can handle WMV playback.
You don’t need Windows Media Player to watch WMV files on a Mac, and with AllPepole media player, you’ll have no problem opening and enjoying WMV files from the comfort of your Apple computer.
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