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Professional photo editing software

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1 Professional photo editing software on Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:47 pm

My PhotoEditor is a Photo Editing software that can add photo frames, and with much photo effect. You can put a picture frame template comes into any pictures, you can also add text in the frame, add watermarks etc..

The main function of AllPepole photo editor:

Cutting: this photo processing software which has a cutting function, you can use it to cut into any sizes; also can use it to cut any part.

Effect: mainly some basic adjustment of picture. For example, add text watermark, character signature, animation, decoration and touch. To add text and individuality signature settings here can be based on personal preferences to select format font, font size, font color, after inserting these, you can arbitrarily put it to any location to display, which enough to reveal your personality.

Preview: when you have a lot of pictures, you can use the photo wall preview, or can also use the slide form preview. Of course, you can also preview mode according to your preferences.

Wallpaper: in the preview processing, find especially liked pictures, with a key to set it as your own wallpaper, open the computer, the desktop will show your favorite pictures every time back, I believe it will bring you a good mood.

Save: can freely choose the save path, convenient lookup later.

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