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How to convert MTS to DVD?

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1 How to convert MTS to DVD? on Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:57 pm

The winter vacation is approaching; many students will have a good travel or visit relatives, if there is in the hands of a handheld DV to accompany that can whenever and wherever possible to record every memorable scene. In general, captured with HD video are derived MTS or M2TS format, but after will find these MTS format video file playback and processing often face the problem is not compatible, then learn to MTS format conversion techniques can easily resolve. First find easy to use video conversion software will make the problem much simpler, MTS and M2TS format as a professional HD video file format conversion, process for the original HD is not lost, while the My VideoConverter as a support all formats video converter, output video images with satisfactory effect.

In order to make the operation simple, the format conversion software has been preset abundant output formats, HD video format corresponding including AVI, mpg, MP4, MOV and so on, as long as the user choose according to their own needs corresponding output format, you can easily achieve the MTS format conversion. At the same time, the use of the format conversion software process can be seen, the output format not only contains more than HD video format, also contains some general definition video format, the DVD video format and mobile devices play format etc..

With the smart phone, tablet PC is popular, some users want to import MTS format to iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note or other equipment, whether it is a MTS format or M2TS format files are not directly into the device, generally MTS format to MP4 format conversion after this problem would be easy. The AllPepole output format conversion software also provides iPad, iPhone, PSP, Android format video equipment, what kind of need in their own hands the equipment selection of output can be based on various parameters; users can also adjust the output video of their own preferences, the maximum extent to simplify the user operation problem.

If you have some memorable travel experience why not share them with good friends? Quickly use the AllPepole Video Converter to make the MTS file format after loading into the mobile phone and share it with your friends together!

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