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All-around player - AllPepole video player

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1 All-around player - AllPepole video player on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:25 am

AllPepole video player is a player from AllPepole cd-omnipotent can almost play all the video files on your system. AllPepole video player like MPlayer from Linux platform transplantation green version can almost play all the video files on your system. Through a variety of plug-in extension AllPepole video player can support the new format emerge in endlessly. Powerful plug-in, plug-in function of inherited directly from Winamp, can directly use Winamp, audio input, visual effects plug-ins, and through the unique ability to scale, as long as you like, you can choose to use different decoder to decode various formats. This site provides AllPepole video player green version of the download.

AllPepole video player is one set will all can see decoding program on the Internet (Codec) all collection of video playback software; Just installed it, you don't have to install a lot of other transcoding program, it would be able to watch all of the special format films. Besides, AllPepole video player can play DVD and VCD, external subtitle file into a variety of formats, using the highest penetration WinAMP sound external adjustment options with a variety of support super film effect, etc. Function is very powerful.

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